OpenWMS checked

The main site of the project. Please notice that the project is split into many subprojects whereas each subproject has its own space, website and software lifecycle.

COMMON checked
COMMON OPC UA Driver checked
COMMON Service checked

The Common Service provides essential functionality to deal with Locations, LocationGroups and TransportUnits. An example often referred to is the ability to move a TransportUnit from a Location A to a Location B. Beside this also other secondary resources like TransportUnitTypes or rulesets like the PlacingRule to define what kind of TransportUnit can be put on what type of Location are managed by this service....

COMMON Tasks checked

This service is used to manage human user tasks in a warehouse. These general tasks are not specific to the WMS domain and can be used very flexible whereas WMS specific tasks (as part of the WMS Tasks Service) are more specific and can cover more detailed WMS information....

COMMON TCP/IP Driver checked

This standalone and runnable Spring Boot application communicates with automation subsystems, like a PLC or a Raspberry Pi. These kind of
subsystems lack of resources and do most often not provide a higher level protocol on top of TCP/IP. Nowadays, PLC do also support protocols ...

COMMON Transactions Service checked
CORE checked
CORE API Gateway checked

The API Gateway serves as a central entry point to the microservice network and takes care about security and routing. It is build on top of Spring Cloud Gateway and is configured and customized in a way to work well in the distributed microservice environment. In addition to the opensource version there is the API Gateway ENTERPRISE edition that is extended with features to support OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect authorization and authentication at the edge service....

CORE Configuration Service checked

Stores technical application parameters at one place. It reads those configurations from a local filesystem or from a remote Git repository. This has the advantage that all configuration changes are tracked and audited. Beside technical configuration any kind of parameters can be handled. The Configuration service provides the technical configuration to all other services. Changes are directly propagated to the affected services and do not require a restart of those. This increases maintainability and availability....

CORE Preferences Service checked

Stores parameters in a relational database. Those parameters are the nature of business relevant kind instead of technical purpose. A parameter can be specific to an user only, to a group of users (role), to a service or valid for the whole application. For example, the default language setting of an user in the user interface is stored as a user scope parameter, whereas all available languages might be stored as application parameter....

CORE Printing Service checked

Provides an API to create documents (PDF) from a template (JasperReports) and print those documents. After creation it stores the document before sending to the printer. It offers retry mechanism and managing basic printer settings. A relational database, the filesystem or MongoDB (NoSQL) can be configured as document store....

CORE Service Registry checked

A typical discovery service used to register microservice instances that need to find each other, based on Netflix Eureka.

CORE UAA Service checked

The UAA (User Account & Administration) Service deals with the administration of Users like creating new Users, updating properties of existing ones or deleting them. Application permissions are not directly granted to Users explicitly, but to Roles instead. Users are assigned to Roles and application permissions were granted to particular Roles. An administration API for Roles and permissions is especially required for a UI application....

CORE Units checked
TMS checked
TMS Routing Service checked

The TMS Routing service is used in automatic warehouses to route TransportUnits on conveyors through the warehouse. It is responsible to handle incoming messages and selects the appropriate workflow process that finally executes the handling. The workflow is a BPMN 2.0 compliant workflow, with extensions of the used workflow engine....

TMS Transportation Service checked

The TMS Transportation Service offers essential functionality of the Transport Order Management (TMS) in automatic warehouses. This is often referred to as Material Flow Controller (MFC). This includes for example the ability to create and run automated TransportOrders....

WMS checked
WMS Inventory Service checked